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Here are some of the things offered here at Popkum

Full Service Shop

Bleachers in various spots around the Park for your Viewing enjoyment

Wash Bays for getting your bike clean!

Office to answer all your questions

Honda Red Rider Training Area

This is a separate training area, which provides a safe & relaxing learning environment away from the distractions of the other tracks. If you’re taking our Honda Red Riders course this is where you will get your initial introduction to riding. This area is specifically setup to train new riders to the sport.

Junior Motocross Track

The junior track was built for the beginners and the little ones out there. This track provides a safe controlled environment for parents to work with their kids or inexperienced family members to learn on.

Motocross Track

Turn one

Red Baron on the start line

Ever wonder where all the rocks are?

Here they are!!!!!!!!!

Rocks removed daily… New Disker in action

View towards the large track from the bleachers on the family trail looking southwest

Family Trail

Our family trail runs around the whole outside perimeter of the JR MX track, Main MX track and the EnduroX Track. This trail provides a excellent area to get familiar with your new bike or get the kids familiar with theirs. Remember we aren’t just motocross. This trail is a great place to ride and explore in a safe environment.

One of the Trails off the Family Loop

A Challenge area for those that do Trials

Enduro Track

This is the newest addition to Popkum Motor Parks facility. You have to see this track to believe it. The track is spread over approximately 7 acres it has rock pits, firewood pits boulder climbs, pipes, cars, huge log sections you name it the guys have built it. Oh yeah, it even has a bus and bridge to ride over!

Oset Electric Trials Area

This area has been designed for our Oset electric trials bikes. The obstacles have been built with the beginner in mind so they can work on their balance and control. This area is away from the distractions of the main tracks so it provides a safe learning environment.

Rules & Regulations

All riders and spectators must adhere to the rules, codes and regulations set by Popkum Motor Park at all times.

  • All riders must wear the minimum required protective riding gear at all times-while on their motorcycle.
  • This includes: Proper helmets, goggles, long pants, long sleeve jerseys, gloves and boots.
  • Popkum Motor Park recommends that every rider wear a chest protector, neck brace, elbow and knee pads, full face helmet & goggles.
  • Wrist bands must be worn at all times while in the park.
  • Anyone operating a motor vehicle on park property must register in track office and wear the provided wristband.
  • Spectators will watch from the side of track in designated spectator areas.
  • Parents or photographers that wish to get closer to the track must sign a waiver and receive a wristband in the track office.
  • Pit riding is considered to and from the track. You must not exceed 5 MPH or first gear.
  • If you are riding at excessive speed you will be warned. At no time will inappropriate riding be tolerated-NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Use caution around other riders and follow direction signs.
  • While riding on the track maintain your line especially in jump areas for your safety and others.
  • Slower riders must keep to the side of the track.
  • 50cc bikes will not be permitted on the main track.
  • Parents are responsible for their child AT ALL TIMES.
  • Alcohol and drugs will not be allowed in the park or tolerated at any time.
  • Camp fires will only be allowed if you have a fire pit. NO FIRES directly on the ground. Disposals for the fire’s ash will be supplied by Popkum Motor Park.
  • Pets must be on leashes at all times.
  • Repeat violations will result in loss of membership and right to ride at Popkum Motor Park.
  • No refunds on memberships or pre-purchased riding packages.
  • If caught riding WITHOUT receiving a WRISTBAND your Membership will be suspended and you will receive a $100 fine.

    Future Popkum Plans

    Mountain Trail System
    Skill levels similar to ski hill: Green, Blue, Black. Trail system will accommodate – ATV’s, Side X Side ATV including GPS Trail Mapping

    Enduro Cross Obstacle Area
    Boulders, logs, tires, water, etc. (Completed winter of 2014)

    Trails Area
    Boulders, elevation changes, drops obstacles, etc.

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