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Can I bring my own bike and/or equipment?

For Private Training you can bring your own bike. For Junior Red Riders and Red Riders you are required to use one of our 2016 Honda CRF Off-road motorcycles bike sizes 50cc thru 230cc. Clutch bikes start at 125cc.

Popkum can also provide FOX safety apparel (boots, helmet, pants, jersey, knee and elbow guards, gloves, chest protector) and 100% goggles. We also offer the latest in neck protection with Atlas Braces. Otherwise, bring your own gear and you can rent anything that you need if it is left behind!!!

Will you teach me how to ride a motorcycle?

Balance on a bicycle is highly encouraged before you take any motorcycle training program. While we cannot guarantee that you will be able to master the skills needed to ride a dirt bike. With this training it’s our hope that by presenting the fundamental skills needed you will be successful at riding. You will learn how to shift, balance, maneuver, and stop a motorcycle, to help keep you safe.

What are the age restrictions?

Six years old and above. A child must be six years old the day of class and must be able to ride a bicycle without training wheels. It is up to the parent to determine if his or her child is capable of taking motorcycle training.

Are parents allowed to stay and watch?

We encourage parents to stay and watch what their child is learning to re-enforce the skills learned at a later time. In the interest of class safety, we ask that parents do not interfere with coaching by attempting to offer instructions to their children from the sidelines. Simultaneous instruction from parents and coaches during a class is confusing for the students, and does not create a safe learning environment.

For the safety of all the students, parents interrupting the class in any way will be required to leave the range. Note: Children under 12 years old require a legal guardian to be present at all times.

What should we wear under our rental gear?

T shirt, light shorts and socks are required to be worn under the rental gear. Nothing too bulky.

Are there any breaks?

Yes, we have breaks. Please bring your own snacks and drinks.

Can we video tape or take photos of the class?

Yes, you are welcome to video tape or take photos as long as you do not interfere with the instruction or flow of the class

Is there a more advanced course available?


Call 778.255.RIDE (7433) during track hours or Email Us for information and/ or availability.


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