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  • New At Popkum

    New at Popkum Motor Park

    With the track and office closing an half an hour before the Park you would either have to quit riding earlier or ride till closing and take your bike home dirty but now you don’t have to do that.

    We now have Pressure Wash Passes so you can buy 10 washes at a time and get the 11th wash free. They are punch cards so all you have to do is take your bike to the wash bays and the pass to the shop. No more stopping in the office to get your ticket which means you can ride till closing and still wash your bike.

    Also being done here at Popkum is some improvements to what a lot of you know as the Pit Area, some of you will remember that at one time it was covered and then we lost the cover in a massive Wind Storm, well the covered Pit is making a comeback as the guys here at Popkum are putting a new roof on the Pit Area. For those who don’t know what the Pit Area is it will be the covered area on the West side of the Shop between the 2 containers. It is there for you if you need to do some work on your bike and you don’t want to do it in the middle of the parking lot. There is a stand there for changing tires if you need to do that. It is also a good place to get out of the raining if we get a summer shower.

  • Effective Immediately

    effective immediatelyPopkum Motor Park would like to announce that due to the increasing number of people who don’t know when to leave we will now close all Riding Areas ½ an hour before the Park closes. The office will also close ½ an hour before the Park does. What this means for everyone is that if the Park closes at 8pm then the track and office now close at 7:30pm. This is to give you time to Pressure Wash your bike if you want and then load up. If you do want to Pressure Wash your bike you must make sure that you have already purchased the ticket earlier. Maybe on one of your breaks or when you first sign in for the day as the shop will no longer accept cash.