Camping / RV




Campsites are available for $15.00 for a basic campsite. To reserve a campsite, please call us at 778.255.7433, email us at or contact us via the contact page.

Rates & General Information

  • Un-serviced site is $15.00 plus GST
  • We are offering Water (from a well and is not treated) and Sani-Dump Facilities now. $10 to fill your RV’s water tank and $20.00 to dump your tanks.
  • If caught Camping without Registering at the office you will be fined $50.00
  • Rates are based on 1 RV and 1 tow car or 1 trailer/5th wheel & towing vehicle.
  • All rates based on 2 Adults. Extra adults and/or vehicles are $5.00 each per night which will be charged at check-in. Children are free.
  • Size of RV accommodated – up to a 40′.
  • All sites must be paid for before occupying the RV site or campsite.
  • Individuals reserving an RV site or campsite must be at least 18 years of age, and will be held responsible for the condition of the RV site or campsite.
  • Check in time for arriving RVs and campers is between 12:00 PM and 5:00 PM
  • Check out time for RVs and campers is 11:00 AM.
  • Earlier Check in time or later Check out time can be arranged with advance notice.
  • Visitors are allowed but must leave by 11 pm.
  • All Riders and Non-Riders must check in at the office daily. If caught without a wristband you will be fined.


  • Clean on-site porta potties
  • There are no showers, no flush toilets.
  • Fires allowed in a FIRE PIT ONLY. NO fires directly on the ground. Disposal of ashes is provided by the park. Campfire bans must be followed.
  • Pets are allowed but you must clean up after them. Not doing so will result in an extra charge. They are also not allowed near the Jr. Track, Main Track, EnduroX Park, the trails, the Trials area or the Family Loop unless leashed.
  • All garbage must be picked up. Not doing so will result in an extra charge. You may put your garbage in our dumpster.

Reservation and Cancellation Policy 

  • We require a 1 night deposit at the time of reservation. NO Deposit NO Reservation.
  • The remaining camping nights fee is due upon arrival at the park
  • Cancellation of reservations without a minimum 24 hours’ notice will be charged a 1 night stay.


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